Parking Lots

Parking is, well… sort of important. Good news is, we have plenty of it. We also have a crew that is on staff 24-7 to keep our lots clean and paved. You also don’t have to worry about all that snow come winter time as our team is out making sure all our spaces are clear.

If you need parking… please reach out and let us know your needs. We also have plans to build structure parking on several of our lots.



  • Ample outdoor parking

  • Maintained 24-7 / 365

  • Structured Parking Plans

Lease Availability:

Current Availability
Call for spaces.

John Hoefer
T (816) 474 2000
D (816) 268 4248
M (816) 591 4635

Joyce Murray
T (816) 474 2000
D (816) 512 1004
M (816) 421 6666

Structured Parking - Plans & Renderings

Lot Q - before


Lots Q, R & S - After

Throughout Crossroads Arts District


Current Availability
Leasing Space on a per/month basis.